Kaizen Triple Synergy


Fermented Natural Japanese Skin Care

Staying true to the spirit of Kaizen, our skin care formulations improve your skin's health day after day. Fermented ingredients offer a deeper level of penetration, allowing your skin to benefit more from our products' goodness. 

The key actives of Kaizen's Triple Synergy:

1. RG92 Fermented Microalgae - soothing, anti-aging, plumps up skin

Identified through DNA analysis by Japanese biotech scientists, RG92 comes from microalgae found in Japan's onsens (hot springs). Key therapeutic skin benefits of RG92 are anti-inflammatory, antiaging, collagen boosting.Extract from this algae is fermented for optimal skin absorption. Fermentation also helps preserve the product, meaning that no additional preservatives are required. 

2. Hydrolysed Yeast - increases skin cells' energy & vitality

Improves energy of your dermal cells, resulting in healthier, more radiant skin. Stimulates skin regeneration and gives a brighter, even skin tone. 

3. Hydrolysed Collagen - promotes healthier, radiant skin

Improves skin hydration and collagen levels. Strengthens your skins protective barrier, resulting in healthier, less sensitive skin.