Kaizen Way

Simplify your skin care routine with our 2 minute Kaizen ritual. 

kaizen facial cleanser

1. Reveal. Dissolve oil, makeup & impurities. Sooth redness & irritation. Your skin is a bare canvas, clean, and ready to receive. Take this time to take slower, deeper breaths. As your mind and body calms down, so will your skin.

2. Rebalance. Lightly mist with Rebalancing Water, and pat gently into your skin. Fermented essence permeates deeply to rehydrate and rebalance. Helps draw nourishing serums and moisturisers deeper into skin.

3. Renew. Now that redness and irritation is calmed, it's time to replenish your skin. Renewal Jelly has the lightness of a gel, nourishes like a serum, and hydrates like a cream. It's unique 3-in-1 action replenishes and renews your skin, and leaves no greasy residue.

4. Reflect. Mineral sun reflecting agents, zinc & titanium, protect your skin from premature ageing and wrinkles, caused by UV rays. After patting a generous layer into your skin, take time to look at your own reflection, and smile. Feel the immediate shift in your countenance. Your skin care ritual is now complete.