Science Meets Nature

A group of scientists, jaded by low quality ingredients in high end skin care brands. A small Japanese town, with the highest density of hot springs in the world. What happens when these two come together? The discovery of a brand new strain of microalgae, with remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-glycation properties. 

Intrigued by the health benefits of thermal waters and hot springs in their own culture, and those of Europe, a team of Japanese researchers embarked on in depth studies to understand more about these healing waters. They found that, apart from beneficial minerals, thermal mud and water also contain a unique ecosystem of microalgae. These microalgae varies drastically from spring to spring, onsen to onsen, and have their own healing benefits.

The scientists collected and tested microalgae from water samples from numerous onsens, using DNA analysis to identify them. Eventually they found the one they were looking for. It was the 92nd sample. They called it RG92. 

RG92, the patented fermented extract of this microalgae was created in 2001, and features as the key active in Kaizen's skin care range. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-glycation properties, making it extremely valuable ingredient for skin care and anti-aging. Inflammation and skin glycation are major factors that compromise your skin’s health, and speed up skin aging.

Kaizen products work to restore your skin back to it’s original health by calming skin redness and inflammation and improving the function of skin cells. RG92's anti-inflammatory properties also make it effective for muscle pain, nerve and back pain, and inflammatory skin conditions. 

Kaizen, a Japanese word, meaning continual improvement, is traditionally used to refer to processes that optimise productivity and efficiency. We believe that Kaizen fully embodies our brand philosophy and intention : clean, functional, innovative skin care.